October 2009

Indeed, they are LED eyelashes. A few Asians are fortunate enough to be born with big round eyes. So these days people are gluing on fake eyelashes or having eyelid surgery to enhance their eyes; basically allow them to appear larger. A clever group has decided to build a project called LED eyelashes where it flickers to the person’s movements. Check it out!


Meanwhile: Here’s a Gilt Group Invitation~


I apologize for not posting… I am sick.
Fear not, I do not have H1N1!



“That is the key of this collection, being yourself. Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”
– Gianni Versace
rest in peace


Why is drinking water so important? Simple: Water is essential to life. Our bodies consist of nearly 75% of water. However, drinking pure water has a significant health benefits as well as staying hydrated. Here are some reasons why:

  • Maintaining energy levels
  • Assist your body to fight colds & infections
  • Allows your body to stay cool
  • Helps your body flush out harmful toxins
  • Keeps skin healthy & youthful

My experience: Picture 4

Growing up my parents always made me drank Evian Natural Spring water. Imagine: a 6 year old trotting around New York City with a bottle of Evian = That was me! The reason why I don’t drink Evian as much is because my mom started feeding our dogs Evian. I felt weird after I realized my dogs only drink Evian or it will not drink water at all. Nowadays, I drink Voss and I caused my family to jump on the bandwagon as well. About every 2 weeks, my mom usually goes to Whole Foods and ends up buying out the whole shelf of Voss. We get interesting responses from other customers till a friend of hers told her how she got Voss/Evian delivered to her home. SPLENDID! Here’s the link for Bulk Order!

What brand of water do you like?


“In fashion, like every job in the world, you need a little experience to do it. Unfortunately, there are lots of people around now who become designers in a very short time. But you need experience in this job, and you need to know what is going on in the world, and you need to be a good observer, and you need to know what is in the street, and you need to know what kind of woman you want, and you need to know the material perfectly. Fashion is very di∞cult. It’s not just putting together a collection with crazy things and people are clapping and deciding that you are the best designer in the world. It’s not this. I’m sorry.” – Valentino Garavani

[ Credits to Time Q&A with Valentino ]

Herve Leger at ShopStyle

(Click on a desired dress to view. Will be redirecting you to ShopStyle.)

Inspired from a post from VueSociety, I have decided to add some more cocktail evening dresses for the current/future socialista[s] that attend fashion shows, social events, charity fundraisers, and even private dinner parties. At any event, you never want to dress down and look like a HOT MESS. It’s better to flaunt those curves for your significant other or impress the crowd. Thanks to our luxury destination called The Bravern where we have such opportunities to spice up our closet. Since the holidays are around the corner, I am aware there are fundraisers, dinner parties, and many social events coming up so here’s a little preview of the dresses I have picked out.

GOAL: To look chic + sophisticated, classy + elegant… NOT slutty or a viewed as a vicious tranny at any event.
Key Element: To wear body hugging dresses requires SPANX [ < click for a dress slip spanx for your night out ].
– Don’t let yourself down by being self conscious all night. Spare yourself & buy one!

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