January 2010

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been quickly getting over a bad cold or whatever the icky thing was called.. (haha). However, since I wasn’t able to attend school, I did get to enjoy the Bravern 4 hours everyday with my partner in crime S, P, and N… Names won’t be disclosed but I’m for sure if you catch up on my tweets and filter out just the “bravern”… We’ll be spamming up the @Bravern inbox. Hahaha!

I enjoy spending time with the hubby & my partners in crime by visiting the Bellevue Hermes Store waiting for my black 35 cm Birkin bag to arrive and of course all the other pretty glitzy stuff at the Bellevue Neiman Marcus Store.

Yes, I may be crazy but its fun… Especially when you run into your favorite associates there who are always willing to help you out. Here are few of them

Naomi W-T — Jewelry from Neiman Marcus
Kendall – Salon Shoes from Neiman Marcus
Brett – Mariposa from Neiman Marcus
Ryan – Chanel [handbags] from Neiman Marcus
Nicole – Chanel [handbags] from Neiman Marcus
Terry – Hermes
Jane – Hermes
Trevor – Jimmy Choo
Matt – Louis Vuitton
Cathy – Louis Vuitton
Annie – John Howie Steak
Chef John Howie – John Howie Steak

Love them ALL!!!!

[Note to my Partners in Crime] – – Oh by the way, lovelies, I hope your all attending the Christian Louboutin Trunk Show on Feb 6th [sat] I already RSVP’ed with a plus one! so may be with our hubbies we can all have dinner at Nishino at Madison Park!!! 😀


“comes with a vaginal firewall too”

bigger than the iphone and yes, i am dying to get it in 6 months.

replaces the kindle, my laptop, and definitely fits into my birkin bag.

I’ll try to update while sick as a dog…. but I’m trying to conserve my voice but things just have to make everything else feel like shit. thanks to someone.

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