I am sitting here in my room watching a korean horror movie with my cousins who are absolutely FEARLESS of anything SCARY or even if they had an encounter with LEGION, they still wouldn’t budge. However, they decided that I should watch this Korean horror movie called A Tale of Two Sisters. I am typing this blog as I watch the movie because I know that by the end of this movie, I wont be able to sleep at ALL!! It’s a seriously mind trip. I’m already confused so I decided to read a plot summary so I can embrace myself under the sheets. I can stand Paranormal Activity but NOT korean horror films.

Recap: When I was 5 years old, my parents took our entire family to Korea to visit relatives. First time, we went to Everland where it SCARRED me for LIFE!!! I went to this spooky house at the time [long time ago], and I ended up in a dim room with my cousins and brothers where they even played those awkward elevator music you hear… After a brief moment, the lights began to flicker and the music got freakier! Long story short, the ceiling above me had long black hair coming down, arms and fake blood covered hands began to coming through the walls, grabbed my legs… I SCREAMED on the TOP of my damn lungs enough to cause myself to faint.

This is why I dislike Korean Horror movies! The women dressed in white, covered in blood, blood shot eyes, and long black hair…. YIKES! I won’t be able to sleep in DAYS!

or you can read the Synopsis

which I did, just to embrace myself