I recently tweeted about needing/wanting a possible job. Only reason: I haven’t worked in years and I’m kind of tired of burning through my trust funds rather than earning/splurging on my own hard work.

So I was mentioned/referred to possibly becoming a Nu Skin rep/sales/ or whatever you call them. No OFFENSE to those who work there / for them / or even market for them. If I reply back that I am not interested, please don’t get all offended! SHIT! I am just being nice by saying I am NOT interested!

Just because you can tweet about it… At least have the damn common courtesy to SPEAK ENGLISH properly. I just received a call from an unknown number and it was like talking to a brick wall just over the phone.

Here’s somewhat of a transcript:

unknown: Helll…llo. Is this eddie?
me: yes, may I ask who is calling?
unknown: Is this eddddie? I am ziiipiii. Calling to see …. if you receive our message? May I speak to eddie?
Me: This is EDDIE! I am not interested in whatever your selling!
unknown: Eddie, I am ziipii calling to see … if you receive my message. I called twiced to speak to you.
Me: OMG! what do you have to say?
unknown: I am zipi of Nu Skin System.
Me: Sorry, I am not interested….
unknown: Are you … sure, eddie? We hab a great … system. Where are you from?
me: America
unknown: where in america?
me: Washington
unknown: oh. I see. Are you interested in trying our system out?
me: I am NOT INTERESTED! I only use CHANEL products and will NOT sell for another company nor will I use another company!!!! Do you speak & understand English?
unknown: yes … I … do…. Do you?
me: Obviously! I am so sorry to be rude but I said, I was NOT interested and I have stated my reason. I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST! So FUCK OFF! *CLICK!*


Whether it’s a work at home job or constantly requiring you to sell at parties or what not, I am JUST NOT that type of person! I already have basically a full-time job which are as listed: School, Blog, Study, spend time with family & friends, and special time reserve for the guy I like. That’s all!!!!!!

If I wanted a job, I rather take a entry-level mail room position at an office versus working at home. I’m not easily persuaded into working at home for 24/7 and making JACK SHIT!

Whew, I got that out of the way.