From a recent post from VueSociety, titled “Happy New Year/Decade/2010”. Here’s something I noticed.

[Image Source: Fashionising]

If you look at the the other pics/sections of the main big picture.
you’ll come to notice but it’s kind of small….

[Image Source: Fashionising]

UGG’s [fashion death notice] was on 2006. Yet it’s the new year, 2010. I see these F-UGGs on the streets of Bellevue/Seattle.

The most DISGUSTING wardrobe that walked around in Bravern’s history was – [unknown UN-fashionable person] – a pair of True Religions, Gray UGG’s, Black Outer shell of a North Face Jacket, Abercrombie tee [underneath], and of course a FAKE CHANEL bag. <<<— *faints* Of course, this person also threw some what of a “bitch fit” outside of Jimmy Choo, telling her boyfriend that she would never spend $1,500 on a pair of CHOOs but of course will spend $1,500 on a CHANEL bag….

My Response: [in my own head, replaying the scenario] “Um, excuse, you cannot purchase a Chanel bag for $1,500 because the replica you’re carrying is the one that has a $3,000 price tag.”

Oh what is this world COMING TOOO?!