Last night after a fabulous dinner at Russells. We got a cab back home and unfortunately this one betch was majorly concerned  for his dear life and the life of his boyfriend’s. The cab driver was going through a long dark road and it happened that we were the only car on the road at midnight. While the boyfriend kept on asking the cabbie where we were and why it took so long to get home, I pulled out my iphone to track us down and capture where we are… Trust me, we were somewhere not EVEN near civilization.

One thing that I find these Washington State cab drivers fucking annoying is that there is NO FUCKING SENSE of URGENCY!!!!

So this morning, we woke up and boyfriend was looking for his phone and it happened that his phone fell out of his pocket. Cab driver picked up bf’s phone and told us, he can drop it off but for a $20+ charge. We agreed and the cab driver said, “okay, i’ll be there in 20 minutes”…. AFTER 6 fucking HOURS, we’re still FUCKING WAITING!!!!!

Overall, what’s my point? Get on the fucking program people!!! Whether you are a fire fighter, barista at a local coffee shop, to the grocery bagger at Safeway… TIME = Money so please I have better important things to do. Your obviously paid to do your job. Otherwise, do not work because they are others who NEED the job!