Season 6 of the Real Housewives of Orange County has been (um)… Hmmmm…. Total Debbie downers! Either we have Tamra Barney and her so-called perfect marriage but currently is facing divorce, Matt Keough, ex-husband of Jeana Keough who got his 3rd DUI, Gretchen Rossi and her suspicious ways of living (if you know what I mean), and of course the air head…. I mean, Lynne Curtin who got served with an eviction letter at her Laguna Beach rental.

After doing some research, in the previous season of OC housewives, Lynne Curtin was evicted from her previous home!!! Omg! This crazy housewife needs a serious reality check. Really now?! This is her second eviction…. (according to TMZ). Old news or not, this bitch is wayyy over her head.

After her eviction she and the other ladies go to San Francisco for some shopping, despite her debts & evictions, she goes and drops $1200 on a hideous leather jacket.

Alexis mentioned the Skinny girl margarita. The one created by Bethenny Frankel (NYC).

…. Last words, bravo, stop playing the OC housewives!!! I am truly sick of them and their oompa loompa skin tones. I want the NJ & NYC housewives back asap!!! Thanks!