Dear Eastsiders,

I am extremely UPSET with you all. Well lets put it this way. I’ve been going to the Bravern for the past [hmmm] month or so… Yet some of you are dressed to DISPLEASE. Faux Chanel, Coach, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, etc. If you don’t have the real goodies, DO NOT SHOW THEM AT ALL!!! However, you must even find it more shameful that I have been posting your FAUX PAS on twitter. Please, if you don’t want to be caught in a fashion crime then I will address you one MORE time, do NOT carry fake bags, UGGs, or ugly cheap things you can find at a thrift shop. It’s untasteful and disgusting. Whether I ran into you at a charity event or even at a function…. Be dressed stylishly… I have people that I can recommend you to. PLEASE, do NOT dress like a total idiot.

All I can say, “dress where your money is at”. 🙂

You can talk shit all you want in front or behind my back. I am confident in WHO I AM enough to tell you in your face, your shit’s fake betch.

Thank you so much!