StreetLab, a NYC-based electronic duo, whose lethal catalog of work erases all boundaries between dance and rock music. Mark ‘Cosmo’ Lamorg and Ryan Leary have made a name for themselves remixing classic rock songs with club-ready beats, and ultimately reinventing great music by artists such as The Beatles, The Smashing Pumpkins, and The Beastie Boys.

With a endless list of remixes and a growing collection of original material to their name, Streetlab is gearing up to unleash their debut full-length album set for an April 20th release. They’re latest single “Rat Racer” is available on iTunes and will be the first single off the album.

Check out their sample of music here:

Some StreetLab highlights here:

  • StreetLab has produced a solid series of commissioned remixes for music by Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Castles, Hearts Revolution and Professor Murder.
  • Their music has been featured on episodes of the popular TV shows HBO’s ‘Entourage’, MTV’s ‘The City’, and ‘CSI: NYC’.
  • StreetLab recently played an exclusive event at the renowned Zadig and Voltaire store during Fashion Week in Paris in 2009.

For those in the NYC area, be sure to catch the duo live as they rattle the walls at their in-store performance at Best Buy in Union Square on March 12th.