1. You should be eaten by alligators because your a FASHION CRIME!
2. Snooki from Jersey Shore proved to us, she LOVED pickles. You on the other hand, I don’t think so.
3. It’s my first time hearing about a vaginal spider bite! Did she also allow the spider build a nest inside it? Oh, did you at least take her to the ER without panties?
4. Ballet studio? WTF do you do in there? Strip for old wrinkly men?
5. It’s not a secret when I can take a snapshot of it. Idiot.
6. Men are fun, sometimes stupid, but not “sexy-drama-bringers”… It’s bitches like you that are considered sexy-drama-bringers.
7. So I’m guessing the next day, he took your virginity?
8. Shit-o-tards! I heard of people peeing in their pants… not the other way around.
9. Of course, you would choose a monkey… They are hairy, shit-flingers, and wild.

1. Kidnapped in Paris? LOL! Do a paternity test, I bet your parents aren’t your REAL parents.
2. Singing opera yet when you spoke on Chelsea Lately, your voice sound like a whiny rat.
3. Sean Penn & Johnny Depp are your acting idols? Are you sure? I think they are on your robbing hit list instead.
4. Didn’t you rob Paris Hilton?
5. Hunny, that’s not a mermaid… It’s mer-dog. Sorry. A bitch is a female bull dog… And your NOT “sexy”. I call it “Fug-a-licious!”
6. Of course you love to flirt & addicted to hot boys, you got a spider to bite you on the vag!

1. Who’s your mom and who the hell are you?
2. You cook? Like what? Grilled Cheese?
3. “techno music and drum and bass”… have you ever heard of “COMMAS”?
4. Your TV show should be cute because i think all three of you are ABSOLUTELY BRAINLESS, TOTAL SLUT WANNABES, and USELESS to SOCIETY.
5. Love interest in Robert Pattinson????? GIRL, Let me tell you one thing, you gotta fight to put up with… There are 5 million girls after him. My money is on the other girls.
6. If you were a bird, I would of SHOT your ass and left you dead.
7. Whose your family, again?