Dear Readers,

I am so sorry in my delay in posts. I have been blogging on another site called HauteVue: Life & Style Blog [which was also noted earlier in a post].

However, my life has been in turmoil lately. My father recently passed away a month ago, I was an emotional mess and now, I’m getting crucified by certain people because of my personal opinions. As a blogger, I have the right to stay anonymous and entitled to free speech. If you believe I am slandering you in anyway shape or form then send me an email and ask for it to be removed. (this is also why I have posted a disclosure policy on this blog as well). My contact information is stated in the Contact section. Don’t try to be slick and post a comment thinking, it’s directly going to be posted on my blog publicly without any knowledge. I do moderate my comments since I have to determine if it is spam or not.

Also another interesting fact that you all need to know is that your IP address / Mobile IP address is tagged into the comments section. If it is a threat, I can definitely forward this to the police or FBI to track you down. Am I scared? No, I’m just amazed that this person would have the decency to even think twice.

I will not be releasing anymore details but from myself to you, lets just say that you have been warned. That’s all.

P.S. *updated 10:08pm as of April 28th, 2010* I do read my daily stats, where my clicks are coming from and etc. Just think twice or even three times about what you are doing.

who is not another stupid blogger