My favorite Coffee Company is in the hot seat again why because of a idiotic, money hungry, chaotic beeeyotch.

According to the Huffington Post, Starbucks is being sued for serving “unreasonably hot” tea. This reminds me of the lawsuit between McDonalds and the burning crotch from New Mexico.

Honestly, economy is down, people are hungry for quick cash, and there’s some crazy bitches in this country. So a little thing such as hot tea or coffee = lawsuit. Shit, might as well if your vibrator broke, sue the damn company too while your at it. Then claim that your vibrator overheated and gave you second degree burns on your va-jay-jay. Geez, people get over yourself.

I’m guessing it was so hot that you dropped it on your crotch causing the second degree burn, “great physical pain & mental anguish”. Don’t get me wrong, remember when Channing Tatum scolded his weiner during a movie shoot? Yup. Enough said.

Whether you have a hot cup of tea or coffee in your hand, I’m for sure you can feel the heat through your hand to tell your brain, “it’s hot!”