[ Credit to Popcrunch ]

These crazy ass, retarded whore bags have struck another precious nerve. Honestly, why does E! constantly air the re-runs of the show Pretty Wild? Why can’t they just play re-runs of Giuliana & Bill instead? Anywho’s, I came upon one episode that I just had to blog about. The incident between the Wiener Neiers & Vanity Fair, Nancy Jo.

According to Vanity Fair written by Nancy Jo, “A leggy girl with long, dark hair and shimmering blue-green eyes, Neiers was wearing a tweed miniskirt, a pink sweater, and six-inch Christian Louboutin heels. “I have a pretty cool shoe collection going on right now,” she said.” This statement obviously pissed off the Wieners Neiers family. Wow. I never knew my ears can bleed while the screeching sound of Wiener Neiers’s voice but geez, she sounds like a damn rat in hot pursuit. Someone please exterminate her for God’s sake & the entire world’s sanity.

Last thoughts: What’s wrong wearing Louboutin heels into the courthouse? It’s somewhat conservative. If the papz are gonna be there, might as well dress to impress, you wanna be celeb. (hits head against wall while screaming, “die bitch die!!”)