was founded in 2009 however the name existed since 2003 – 2009. First superbetch/superbetch09 was created on MySpace in 2003, then found it’s way to Facebook in 2005, then trickled down to Twitter in 2009.

History: In middle & high school, I was just known to be a bitch.
Oops! So when people call me a “bitch”, I took it as a compliment!!!

This blog contains fashion, inspirations, lifestyles, and random aspects of my life.

My Motto To Life: “To be honest: love me to hate me.”


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Shalonne Says:

    Thanks for the mention!!! We are STILL getting the site in order (taking sooooo long) but hoping to be fully caught up and launching in Dec! We are adding a blog and as soon as I figure out hot to add some blog love…I will def add your site.

    Thanks again, Maybe I’ll see you around the events scene.

    1. superbetch Says:

      Your welcome & thanks for the future reference. And most definitely will see you around the events scene. Thanks again! 😀

  2. Thank you for including Emerald City Fashion Week in your Life+Style section! We truly appreciate all of your support and look forward to putting on a world class event to move the Puget Sound fashoin forward.


    Steven Paul Matsumoto
    Stigmare, Inc.
    Couture Marketing & Product Development

    Emerald City Fashion Week

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