Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
I hope you all get what you wish for!
Cheers to the New Year!

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Holiday QUEER!!!

“TAP Portugal and ANA wished their passengers a Merry Christmas at Lisbon Airport in an unique way!”

Every guy’s nightmare is dropping the soap. Some do bendover or some just leave it there. Anyways, Tom Ford Cleansing Soap Bar for Men has an actual wristlet to cure those awkward moments in the shower whether its at home, dorm, or even in a shower room setting. Now don’t get discourage because it’s a ‘designer’ soap bar. It doesn’t even break the bank at all. Cost $18!


This is not your average Dove / Irish Springs / Ivory [absolutely disgusting] soap bars!!!

If you are frugal, think about all the ladies / guys you may attract.

Where to Buy?

– Nordstroms @ the store / online

– Neiman Marcus @ the store / online

– Saks Fifth Avenue @ the store / online

P.S. Ladies: This is a perfect gift for your man!

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