I cannot wait to see this!!


With much anticipation of this movie, I can finally say, “I watched this in 3D!”. However, I am puzzled by the “halo” the connection between mammals and even between things/people. For some reason, I think this movie is all sexual. Brings the nasty animals within us. ahhh! Or maybe it’s my dirty mind. I don’t know. I can’t really spoil it so go watch it for yourself. The downside of watching this in 3D is getting sick afterwards. If you get motion sickness, it’s not recommended. But if your like me, go for it just BEWARE of all that shit you get from the condiments!

Love this movie!!!!

[image source: LA TIMES]

Oh. My. God. *faints* Tom Ford is just DELICIOUS looking! “A Single Man” Directed by Tom Ford trailer preview:

[image source: NY TIMES]

Before I die, I’d like to PERSONALLY meet Tom Ford…
That be a damn AWESOME way to die.

Upcoming Movies
I want to watch for sure. Here are a few trailers for them.

THE BLINDSIDENovember 20th, 2009

NINENovember 25th, 2009

AVATARDecember 18th, 2009

LEGIONJanuary 22, 2010

** LEGION — especially is for sure on the TOP of my list. **

is coming 11.23.09.

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– Bad Romance
– Alejandro
– Monster
– Speechless
– Dance in the Dark
– Telephone [ft. Beyonce]
– So Happy I Could Die
– Teeth

[photo credits: teamjacobbottle / teamedwardbottle]

“Team Edward or Team Jacob?”

Honestly, I am for Team Jacob.

Taylor Lautner is a HUNK! Oh My, Oh My!!! Just look at him!
Shit, I feel like a perv. LOL!!!

[thanks to @StyleWriterNYC’s Twitpic]
Taylor Lautner in Calvin Klein at LA’s Twilight Premiere

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