Three men, standing around–wielding, long, hard vibrating devices.
Meet the Shake Weight: A Revolutionary Terminator Phallus looking Barbell.

This is truly a masturbating-style for Men’s Workout.


Watching the “Jersey Shore” on MTV is depleting my brain cells. But really the punch that “Snooki” took was indescribably  disturbing. The attacker, Brad Ferro made a statement, “I couldn’t believe that I’d ever do anything like that. I was raised to act in a respectful manner to women.” <<- According to SUPERBETCH’s standards, that was a DOUCHE move!!! Obviously you were NOT raised to act in a ‘respectful manner’ to women.

Grady Sizemore
sent his girlfriend playmate, Brittany Binger some RISQUE photos of himself which supposedly was *stolen* / leaked all over the internet.

[image source: GuysWithIphones.com]

You are a huge douchebag. You turn a good job into a shitty one. Heres hoping that you slip down a flight of stairs and become a quadriplegic, or get a debilitating nervous disorder and can’t ever get it up for whatever ugly girl you’re currently fucking. I hope that you get an STD that causes you to go blind, and then get taken advantage of by a salesperson and buy too many vacuum bags. If I ever saw you stranded in a lake, drowning, I wouldn’t save you-I would laugh in your face.

– unknown via Craigslist

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How many out there commute via public transportation? [I DO!]

Truthfully, there are days where I love to HATE the commute to school or just get around. Here are some of my PEEVES about riding public transportation….

1. [Winter Time] Heat is on FULL throttle!
– I’m for sure everyone checks their weather bug | the weather channel | or they favorite local News channel [*ahem* Q13 is my favorite!] | or whatever source for checking the weather to dress accordingly. There usually is a walking distance involved between transfers so I like to be warm rather than freezing my patooties off on the street. Having the heater on FULL throttle not only accentuates major BO, it alway cultivates germs and other viruses [if a sick person is on board]… Honestly, I absolutely HATE it because I feel like being in a SWEAT BOX especially when I dress accordingly to the weather. Not only do I sweat, but I feel like I always catch a icky illness on the bus rather than from someone else.

[img source]
2. [Summer Time] A/C should be MANDATORY on all buses!!!

– Do you recall last summer’s heat wave? [look at that picture!]. Truthfully, I felt inspired to be a stripper. I even wore shorts [which I NEVER do] and still was sweating bullets. Not only is the A/C on blast on Sound Transit buses but on metro buses, it’s a fan… A DAMN FAN! WTF?! Ugh! I seriously felt that one day when it gets hotter than this past summer, I will definitely have a heat stroke… Just like I did while I was in NYC last June… [I had a heat stroke in Soho while in the subway tunnel]. LOL!
3. Bus Drivers NEED to RETAKE the driver’s test!
– I don’t know if you ever been on a bus where the bus driver was hauling ass on the streets or on the highway but seriously, I feel like my safety is compromised when the driver HAULS ASS especially in local neighborhoods. I don’t care about the rest or my immediate surrounding. One thing that gets me very nervous is when the driver slams the brakes…. Shit, people FLLYYYY forward, left and right… That to me, really makes me question the drivers whether  they forge their documents or barely passed the drivers’ test.

4. Blabber Mouths
– I would definitely understand if its a business call which I do NOT mind especially since I basically grew up to my parents, glued to their cell phones… even the brick one from back in the day, but I digress.  However, those who PUBLICLY display their personal problems all over the bus. That’s when I feel like asking you, “PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” Well sometimes, I have urges but most of the time, I just keep my damn mouth shut since it gets my ass into trouble… LOL! Although, I understand that most of the time people like to cause drama over the phone, Please just be the bigger person and tell them that it is not the time and place on the bus. Or just talk quietly. I DO NOT want to hear you louder than my ALREADY-LOUD music!

5. Bluetooth douches!! [ CHECK OUT BLUETOOTH DOUCHEBAG ]
– OH MY GOD! Driving / Texting while driving is dangerous… That’s why the bluetooth sales soared however, it does NOT give you a right to chit-chat on your damn headset while on the BUS! That’s just TACKY! It would be understandable if you had a kid in one arm and a briefcase in the arm… If there’s no free hand to answer a business call or person call, fine. I guess you can use a bluetooth… but if your not in the business world or at least making salary… DO NOT use a bluetooth headset on the bus. You look ridiculous & really TACKY.

Okay… enough is enough… I am calm now. LOL.


I apologize for not posting… I am sick.
Fear not, I do not have H1N1!


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