I hope everyone in WA state reads my favorite blog, VueSociety. (if you don’t, it’s time to add the blog to your favorites list). Well in that case, I’m for sure you recall her Happy New Year/Decade/2010 post. (Well if you haven’t, clicky clicky!).

Now that I reside on the west side of Lake Washington, I am noticing that many of the girls at UW didn’t get the memo that UGG boots are OUT and many people are sick of seeing them on/or off campus. PUHH-LEASE!!! It’s simple… JUST SAY NO TO UGGs!!!

Okay, I know they are comfortable, yaddah yaddah, but PLEASE ladies, if you spend an extra hour getting all “dolled” up to go to class so that 1 out of 1,000 male specimans would notice you. THINK AGAIN! Instead of throwing on a cheap tunic from Forever 21, a pair of outdated 7 of all Mankind jeans, and a pair of these F-UGG-GLY boots.. You do NOT have the potential of attracting some hot intellectual guy but instead, you’ll attract some douche bag who wants a one night stand. Rather than wasting that hour of trying a billion outfits, why don’t you coordinate your outfit according to your newly acquired flat or sandal? I’m not asking you to wear your Manolos or Choos, not that most of you even shop there, but there are MANY alternatives compared to just wearing UGGs.

[img credit: Nordstrom]

I know that many of you girls don’t really have the budget since your either living in the dorms, sorority house, or even renting an apartment but don’t freak out just yet because Nordstrom is having their Half-Yearly Sale for Women & Kids. I urge you not to splurge on UGGs though, there are some cute stuff that are on sale right now, I’m for sure you have more of an urge to splurge on. So please do us all a favor and BURN THOSE BITCHES!


[photo of Bellevue Downtown]

Even though Bellevue is a great place to live, I’ve decided to actually move across the lake and experience life in itself. Even though I’ll make my trips to the eastside often to see friends, I will be fully residing on the other side. Yes, that’s enough details for now. Now, don’t really need stalkers follow my ass all over Seattle… Right?

[photo of Seattle Downtown]

Bye Bellevue… Hello Seattle!!

Thursday April 29th, 2010

150 Local restaurants. One day. All Day.

Here is the Participating Restaurants

Dine at a participating Dining Out For Life restaurant on Thursday, April 29 and 30% of your bill will be donated back to Lifelong AIDS Alliance and the fight against illness and hunger in our community. There has never been a better time to plan a big dinner party with your friends and family! Join Lifelong and thousands of supporters throughout the region for the biggest dining event of the year!

I recommend all of you to go dine out & Save a Life!

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Bellevue’s Hottest item is… Louis Vuitton? No, that’s classic… A Mercedes E-Class? No, that’s old news… Look more towards what is next to Louis Vuitton…. HERMES? YES, here’s a lollipop!

I had the pleasure of holding the Hermes 30cm Birkin in Classic Hermes Orange for a quick snapshot which was taken earlier in January of 2010. The next day I came back, it literally was GONE! [ Priced: $8,950 ].

Ever since Hermes opened their doors at The Shops at the Bravern, the World’s Holy Grail of Handbags have been flying… I mean, FLYING OFF THE SHELVES! Many people already believe that there is the infamous… ” 5 year waiting list “… Only because each handbag is meticulously created one at a time by French artisans. One handbag takes up to 25 hours to produce, and only five new Birkin bags are created each week. So by the time it hit the shelves or lets just say before it’s unwrapped, it’s already sold and in the hands of some housewife.

The most priciest Hermes item I have seen with my own EYES, is the lime green Hermes Crocodile clutch in paved diamonds which is priced at $52,000. However, NO Eastsider has snatched that yet… I’ll check on Thursday if it’s still there. LOL!

Overall, the hottest “IT” item in Bellevue today is the Hermes Birkin bag = WIN!

Word of Advice for New & Current Owners of the Hermes Birkins: Do not use your Birkin bag as an everyday handbag because over time, the leather will soften causing your Birkin to flop over which is very TACKY! Just like anything alive needs sleep, your Birkin or any designer handbag needs rest… so the words you should live by is ROTATE & REST!

Today I had the pleasures to tour the Bravern Signature Residences once again with my best friend.
Here are some photos I took with my iPhone. Enjoy!

Bravern South Tower

The South Tower’s professional Chef kitchen – Great for entertaining and hosting private events.
Only Bravern Residents will be able to enjoy the spectacular kitchen unless you know someone that will be living here!

The South Tower’s great room which are great for private events or dinner with friends.
All furniture shown is by Masins Furniture here in Bellevue which is also located on the second level corner from Trophy Cupcakes. Facing 110th st.

The South Tower’s dining table room for 10. The decor for the residents is beyond meticulous & fabulous!

1 of 2 BBQ grills with dining area in the Terrace Garden.

The lovely decor inside the Garden House which is also located in the Terrace Garden.
Fireplace and Surround sound.

Dining table inside the Garden Room – Seats 10+

Outdoor seating in the Terrace Garden between both towers.
The waterfall feature has not been completed but it will be.

The North Towers great room. Less tables but still spacious & elegant. All furnished by Masins.

A two way fireplace at the North Tower in the great room.

The Fireside Lounge located in the North Tower

A Private theater room. Seats 10+

Fitness Room

Fitness Room – Lovely remote ๐Ÿ™‚

Signature Spa – [missing candle I know]
Includes with a surrounding lounge area, steam room, sauna room, private massage room, and many MORE!

I have viewed Lincoln Square, Washington Square, Bellevue Towers, and Escala residences [Seattle/Belltown]. By far, The Bravern Residences blew them ALL out of the water. The amount of detail and work that was poured into the Bravern is truly an experience. If you ever stayed at a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton in Europe, The Bravern gives you that 5 star hotel feel.

More Information:

Welcome Center Open Daily
700 110th Avenue NE, Suite 288

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Entry to David Lawrence.
located on Second Level by Red Door Spa & Masins

lovely displays of Just Cavalli dresses on your right as you enter ๐Ÿ™‚

Large ottomans & of course Champagne for clients to enjoy for the opening

Lovely painting that David’s wife got for the new store!
Absolutely stunning! ๐Ÿ™‚

Center display mannequins. Goodness, that dress is a total fash-gasm!

Menswear section. So meticulous on display. Didn’t find any problem like I do elsewhere.

Towards the back section / dressing area & mirror.

Overall impression of the Newly Refined David Lawrence store is definitely worth checking out!!! I highly recommend everyone… Men & Women to check out the new store. The layout of the store is somewhat similar to the Bellevue Square Location especially where the counter/cashier/and the jewelry display case is strategically placed..The decor of the interior is very chic, warm & inviting. The high ceilings and strategically spaced out shelves doesn’t give you a claustrophobic feel like the Bellevue Square Location.

Don’t assume, just walk in with an open mind and browse around.
I love the fact that David Lawrence is finally at the Shops at the Bravern only because I know from experience that the Men’s section is somewhat limiting only because they carry specific designers and David Lawrence carries more of a variety such as Report, DSquared2, Versace, Just Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Rock & Republic, and many more!

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Join Nordstrom Bellevue on Thursday, March 18 from 6-8p.m. for a Spring 2010 Designer Tweet up.
Chat with our buyers fresh from the shows in New York, Milan and Paris, view the latest menโ€™s and womenโ€™s designer looks and meet our Nordstrom Bellevue Social Media team.
Guests can also enjoy wine, treats, a live DJ and the chance to win one of several deluxe swag bags.

Hope to see you there!

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