I hope everyone in WA state reads my favorite blog, VueSociety. (if you don’t, it’s time to add the blog to your favorites list). Well in that case, I’m for sure you recall her Happy New Year/Decade/2010 post. (Well if you haven’t, clicky clicky!).

Now that I reside on the west side of Lake Washington, I am noticing that many of the girls at UW didn’t get the memo that UGG boots are OUT and many people are sick of seeing them on/or off campus. PUHH-LEASE!!! It’s simple… JUST SAY NO TO UGGs!!!

Okay, I know they are comfortable, yaddah yaddah, but PLEASE ladies, if you spend an extra hour getting all “dolled” up to go to class so that 1 out of 1,000 male specimans would notice you. THINK AGAIN! Instead of throwing on a cheap tunic from Forever 21, a pair of outdated 7 of all Mankind jeans, and a pair of these F-UGG-GLY boots.. You do NOT have the potential of attracting some hot intellectual guy but instead, you’ll attract some douche bag who wants a one night stand. Rather than wasting that hour of trying a billion outfits, why don’t you coordinate your outfit according to your newly acquired flat or sandal? I’m not asking you to wear your Manolos or Choos, not that most of you even shop there, but there are MANY alternatives compared to just wearing UGGs.

[img credit: Nordstrom]

I know that many of you girls don’t really have the budget since your either living in the dorms, sorority house, or even renting an apartment but don’t freak out just yet because Nordstrom is having their Half-Yearly Sale for Women & Kids. I urge you not to splurge on UGGs though, there are some cute stuff that are on sale right now, I’m for sure you have more of an urge to splurge on. So please do us all a favor and BURN THOSE BITCHES!


Oh the irony of certain situations that make me laugh or either punch the bitch at full force.

Honestly, I wish I could truly speak what’s on my mind but I rather just hold my tongue.

That’s all for today. My brain hurts & trust me, I am extremely ANNOYED but I’ll live.

Fuck, I need a cigarette & some pellegrino. I hunger for thee. Not you fugly fat ass.

[photo of Bellevue Downtown]

Even though Bellevue is a great place to live, I’ve decided to actually move across the lake and experience life in itself. Even though I’ll make my trips to the eastside often to see friends, I will be fully residing on the other side. Yes, that’s enough details for now. Now, don’t really need stalkers follow my ass all over Seattle… Right?

[photo of Seattle Downtown]

Bye Bellevue… Hello Seattle!!

My goodness, I feel like that girl in the background. I was floored completely.
Talented young man!


My goodness, I really enjoy all the Nationwide Insurance commercials on TV.

Not only is the guy cute in a quirky way but geez, he’s HILARIOUS!

Everyone needs laughter in their lives!

Check this out:

Ever since the season 2 premier of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub has a distorted face. Honestly, that bitch scares me. I don’t mind Teresa’s table flipping, Dina’s bitchiness, or Caroline’s iron fist. Actually in fact, I love ALL the New Jersey housewives except that one crazy bitch, Danielle.

Meet Danielle’s biological father:

See the resemblance?

[ Credit to Popcrunch ]

These crazy ass, retarded whore bags have struck another precious nerve. Honestly, why does E! constantly air the re-runs of the show Pretty Wild? Why can’t they just play re-runs of Giuliana & Bill instead? Anywho’s, I came upon one episode that I just had to blog about. The incident between the Wiener Neiers & Vanity Fair, Nancy Jo.

According to Vanity Fair written by Nancy Jo, “A leggy girl with long, dark hair and shimmering blue-green eyes, Neiers was wearing a tweed miniskirt, a pink sweater, and six-inch Christian Louboutin heels. “I have a pretty cool shoe collection going on right now,” she said.” This statement obviously pissed off the Wieners Neiers family. Wow. I never knew my ears can bleed while the screeching sound of Wiener Neiers’s voice but geez, she sounds like a damn rat in hot pursuit. Someone please exterminate her for God’s sake & the entire world’s sanity.

Last thoughts: What’s wrong wearing Louboutin heels into the courthouse? It’s somewhat conservative. If the papz are gonna be there, might as well dress to impress, you wanna be celeb. (hits head against wall while screaming, “die bitch die!!”)